Is a flat roof photovoltaic installation system with adjustable angles, suitable for both East-West and South-North orientations.

The system is almost entirely made of aluminum 6005-T5 and SS304, providing excellent corrosion resistance. The compression-mounted installation method also helps to protect the roof and reduce roof loss.

Finally, EPDM is installed at the bottom to increase the gap between the system and the roof, ensuring better water drainage.

Our System advantages

Easy to install

The entire tripod comes pre-assembled by our factory


1. The universal panel clamp fits panel with thickness from 30~40mm;

2. It can be adjustable from 10°~15°

Various types of installation meet various requirements

Suit for Flat roof with foil, bitumen, gravel, green roof, metal, concrete, open spaces

S (N)-Adjustable-ballast-flat-roof-solar-mounting-system

S (N) Adjustable ballast flat roof solar mounting system


East-west Adjustable ballast Flat solar mounting system


Roof Inclination5° max.
Wind SpeedUp to 50m/s
Module orientationLandscape
Building height50 m max
Warranty15 Years
Service Life25 Years



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  15 years Warranty  


   Installation Manual  


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