Is a ballasted solar mounting system designed for flat concrete rooftop. The Z-bracket system also can be used as a South or West-east mounting system.

At the same time, we can provide different fixed installation angles: 5°/ 10° / 15° /20°.

Our System advantages

Easy to install

The entire structure only requires installation of four parts: Z bracket, Mid clamp and end clamp, Wind deflector, Ground lug.

Multiple Angle selection

Choose the appropriate angle based on your needs: 5°/ 10° / 15° /20°

Various types of installation meet various requirements

1. Suit for Flat roof with foil, bitumen, gravel, green roof, metal, concrete, open spaces

2.Suit for south and West-east panel orientation



Roof Inclination5° max.
Wind SpeedUp to 40m/s
Module orientationLandscape
Building height50 m max
Warranty15 Years
Service Life25 Years



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  15 years Warranty  


   Installation Manual  


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